Frequently Asked Questions

If you encounter any issue with the setup or use of your EVE For Tesla dashboard, this section will hopefully resolve things. If not, you can always log an issue, provide feedback or suggest app ideas in the feedback section conveniently located in the control panel of your EVE For Tesla dashboard.

1. How do I use EVE For Tesla once I signup?

To use EVE For Tesla in your vehicle simply open your Tesla browser and go to You will be asked to login the first time and then taken directly to your dashboard.

2. Do I need to install any software in my car?

No. Although EVE For Tesla looks and performs much like a native app, the dashboard experience uses your car’s built in web browser. Designing the platform this way allows you to reap the benefits of; continual updates, access to new apps as they become available, new features and system enhancements without the need to update your cars software or hardware. Your dashboard will always be up to date with the newest apps and features, every time you use it.

3. Will you be developing a native solution once Tesla releases their SDK (software development kit)?

We are eagerly awaiting the release of Tesla's SDK. Once it is available, we will be immediately assessing SDK. We have already started planning apps and features that will require an SDK, of course we will have to see what Tesla makes available once it comes out. EVE For Tesla will continue to incorporate new technologies when they become available to enhance the experience.

4. How much does a membership cost?

We have 2 types of memberships available at prices that will make enhancing your in car experience affordable to you. For information on our membership options and what they include, visit our Memberships section.

5. What does the money for Premium Memberships go to?

We have a long term (multi-year) road map that we are excited to bring to market and to keep the team we have working exclusively on EVE For Tesla. We have some innovative features we will be rolling out in the months to come and are fully committed to providing an outstanding solution and a great value for our customers.

6. What does a membership include?

Your membership includes a dashboard solution with a library of apps that can be placed in multiple configurations and layouts. You access this through the web browser in your Tesla vehicle. Depending on your membership, you will have the option to add additional drivers and dashboards. For information on our membership options and what they include, visit our Memberships section.

7. Why do I want multiple dashboards settings?

Multiple dashboards give you the opportunity to have the apps you want contextually displayed. For example. You may want a EVE For Tesla dashboard for your daily commute with certain apps, in contrast you may also set up a weekend or trip dashboard that displays a different set of apps, additionally, if you travel a lot for work you may set up another dashboard with the apps that provide tools to make the drive more productive. The possibilities are endless.

8. Why do I want multiple driver settings?

If you share your vehicle with other people in your household, this feature will be useful to you. Consider this feature similar to the ability to save multiple “Driver Profiles” (seat adjustment, mirrors, etc) in your Tesla vehicle. This EVE For Tesla dashboard feature allows each driver to individualize their own dashboard. Depending on your type of membership, will provide you with different options. For information on driver options and what they include, visit our Memberships section.

9. What do you mean when you say customizable dashboard?

17,000+ combinations. We have designed a framework that you can add between 1 to 4 apps within a dashboard that is displayed. This gives you the flexibility to place the apps where you want it on the screen in addition to setting the size of the app for the apps that are more important to you. If you switch to half screen mode, no problem, your EVE For Tesla dashboard has been designed to work in both configurations.

10. Is EVE For Tesla available in my country?

Currently EVE For Tesla Dashboard Essentials is available in North America, the UK, European Union Member States (Countries) and select Asia-Pacific regions. At this time our service is only available in English. Premium Memberships are available in North America, the EU and Norway. Please sign up to our newsletter to be informed of updates and availability.

11. What are Quick Apps?

Quick Apps are app launchers found in the main shield drop down. They allow you to launch all apps easily to your custom dashboards. For more info watch our video on youtube: Getting Started - Chapter 01 The Basics.

12. How do I get the IMAP app to work with Google Gmail?

In order to have the IMAP app access your Gmail you must first log into your Google account and "Allow less secure apps to access your account". It is easy to make this change, however we recommend you read all the information provided on the link page.

13. How do I cancel my premium membership?

In order to cancel your premium membership simply send an email from the email address that you signed up with to indicating your request. Alternatively you may wish to have your premium membership converted to a free membership. If this is the case, please include your desire to maintain a free membership in your email.