Chamberlain Group is a global leader in access solutions and the corporate parent to the Chamberlain and LiftMaster brands. These brands offer the MyQ® app, the #1 smart home app for garage door control. MyQ connected garage door openers offer users the ability to check the status and control their garage door from anywhere.

By connecting MyQ to EVEConnect, on the EVE for Tesla in-dash touchscreen experience, you can now integrate your connected garage door and smart home lighting to your Tesla Model S or Model X.

To use EVEConnect with Chamberlain MyQ products you will need to be an EVE for Tesla Premium Member, have a MyQ account and own compatible MyQ products. If you are a Premium Member, log in and click EVEConnect page to authenticate with MyQ. If you are not a Premium Member, click HERE to Register.

Chamberlain MyQ Products

Get Started

To integrate Chamberlain MyQ with EVEConnect, please follow these steps:

  1. Ensure your Chamberlain products are installed and the Chamberlain app is configured correctly to work with your Chamberlain products.
  2. Click SIGN IN from the menu at the top of the EVE for Tesla website.
  3. Click EVECONNECT from the menu at top of browser screen.
    * If this is your first time setting up EVEConnect you will be presented with the CONNECT YOUR HOME WITH YOUR Tesla page.
    * If this is not your first time setting up EVEConnect you will be presented with the HOME AUTOMATION page. ( skip to step 6 )
  4. Click the SETUP EVECONNECT button.
  5. Check the address of your home location. If you want to change the home location enter the address and find it on the map. The map marker may be dragged to pin point you exact home location.
  6. Click the HOME AUTOMATION button.
  7. Select from the drop-downs the distance from your home location you wish automatic geo-fence triggers to happen when you leave home, are on the way home, and when you are arriving home. (These automations will need to be confirmed on your Tesla Dashboard to ensure the best security)
  8. Click the SETUP button beside MyQ.
  9. Click the AUTHENTICATE ON MyQ button.
  10. Enter in your MyQ credentials ( username and password ) and click the Authenticate button.
  11. If you are not a MyQ Subscriber, you will need to subscribe to MyQ directly. Click on the OPEN MYQ MARKETPLACE button.
  12. Select the garage door opener you wish to control through scene setup.
  13. Click on the BACK TO HOME AUTOMATION button.
  14. Select from the drop-downs the Chamberlain Shortcuts you wish to happen when you leave home, are on the way home, and when you are arriving home.
  15. On your EVE for Tesla dashboard (in the vehicle) tap the Reload Button in the EVEConnect App. NOTE: this may take up to 2 minutes for EVEConnect to be updated in your dashboard app.
  16. If you have not previously setup EVEConnect you should logout of your EVE for Tesla dashboard (in the vehicle) and re-login.


Enjoy the peace of mind of the devices you've chosen to use with EVEConnect and Chamberlain MyQ. If you want to have more devices added to your EVEConnect app, please go to our approved Chamberlain MyQ device List HERE

Please Note: EVEConnect relies on integration with third party APIs and integrates with third party platforms and devices. Performance of these third party APIs, platforms, and devices is beyond EVE's control and therefore cannot be 100% guaranteed. Integration with third party smart home platforms is based partially on device types or device categories (such as light bulbs, thermostats, locks), not on individual device products. In testing EVEConnect, EVE has tested devices from each of the supported device types / categories.

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