Compatible Products

Want to link your MyQ® app with EVEConnect, but don't have a MyQ connected garage? Upgrading your opener with MyQ technology and smartphone control is easy. All you need is the right opener or MyQ accessory.

To get started you will need to be an EVE for Tesla Premium Member, have a MyQ account and own compatible MyQ products. If you are not a Premium Member, click HERE to Register.

EVE is continuously adding additional smart home platforms and device compatibility to EVEConnect. If you don't see your products here, please send us an email at and let us know.

Please Note: EVEConnect relies on integration with third party APIs and integrates with third party platforms and devices. Performance of these third party APIs, platforms, and devices is beyond EVE's control and therefore cannot be 100% guaranteed. Integration with third party smart home platforms is based partially on device types or device categories (such as light bulbs, thermostats, locks), not on individual device products. In testing EVEConnect, EVE has tested devices from each of the supported device types / categories.